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Standing figure of Xipe Totec

Date: 600-900
Overall: 47 cm (18 1/2 in.)
Medium: Earthenware, white pigment, and hand-built.
Credit Line: Gift of George and Helen Gardiner
Origin:Mexico, Veracruz, Remojadas
Object number: G83.1.72
DescriptionVeracruz standing figure of Xipe Totec, Late Classic period, carrying a trophy-head in the right hand, a folded cloth on the left arm, wearing flayed skin of the victim over his head and body. The figure has a thick collar incised with circles, belt, perforated ear spools, and plumed shield at the back of his right arm. It is painted in buff, and the top of the head with rows of perforations, probably originally to hold feathers.