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Relief medallion of the duc de Sully

Manufacturer: Chateau de Lassay

Date: c.1764-1768
Outside Diameter: 12.8 cm (5 1/16 in.)
Medium: hard-paste porcelain
Credit Line: Museum Purchase
Origin:France, Mayenne, Chateau de Lassay
Object number: G03.8.1
DescriptionA hard paste porcelain relief medallion of Maximilien de Bethune, duc de Sully made at the Chateau de Lassay, Laboratory of the duc de Brancas, comte de Lauraguais. It has a moulded inscription, "MAX.DE BETHUNE, P.S. D'ENRICHEMONT ET DE BOIS_BELLES, D. SE SULLY". Maximilien Bethune, duc de Sully (1559-1641) was a French statesman who played a major role in the re-organization of the French economy during the reign of Henri IV. He encouraged agriculture and the management of natural resources, hence the motto on the medallion.